Your Swiss Army Knife for Diagnosis and Patient Education

There are many versatile intra-oral cameras on the market that provide dentists with the tools they need to diagnose and patient education. Paul Feurstein of DMD believes that SoproCARE is one of the few oral cameras that can be distinguished in resolution, lighting and zooming in on specific areas.

When less obvious problems affect the patient, such as initial caries or inflammation of the gums, this is where SoproCARE equipment becomes a diagnostic and educational Swiss army knife.

Here are some examples:

In asymptomatic teeth, patients may be warned of existing fractures, which may lead to greater problems.
Digital X-ray photography still has some uncertainty when practitioners find “sticks.” The caries pattern clearly shows the red/black areas on the black and white background, allowing practitioners and patients to agree on treatment, making SoproCARE a valuable tool.
The perio pattern illuminates the patient’s easily visible gum inflammation, plaque and tartar areas, promoting improved home care and treatment.

CAD / CAM Dental – Beyond Profit

Incorporating this system truly revolutionizes the dental clinic – it will functionally change the way you practice and provide opportunities for rebuilding teamwork around new technologies. When your team masters CAD/CAM dentistry, it will provide a sense of accomplishment for each of them. Patients will also see your practice’s dedication to new technologies and learn new technologies to provide them with better dental care.

Drent’s Brent Harris believes that the most profound intangible benefit is to increase his awareness of the recovery process. CAD / CAM dentistry helped Harris achieve a new skill set and discovered the possibility of a new treatment plan, renewing his energy for challenging challenging projects.

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