Why You Should Replace Windows XP Today

XP has been dead for a year, but lives in many dental clinics. Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP more than a year ago and stopped providing security updates, but many dental offices continue to run on the XP platform. You stay on the same outdated, unsupported platform every day, and your data is at risk, which has proved to be a $ 100 million nightmare for retailers across the United States. In 2014, major hacking retailers uncovered millions of credit cards, outdated Windows XP operating systems.

Hackers do not limit their efforts on large companies. Recent research shows that the value of your practice-protected health information (PHI) on the black market can be 10 to 20 times higher than your credit card number, making your practice the temptation of cybercriminals.

The beauty of a living breathing operating system is that manufacturers like Microsoft take the lead in hacking by monitoring and fixing security holes. Upgrading your Windows XP computer will provide better data protection and may allow you to clear potential HIPAA security violations.

Why is the dental clinic still using XP?
Maybe you just do not know, XP is no longer supported. Maybe you have a false sense of security, the status quo has been fully protected. Or, the cost of replacing obsolete computers and operating systems prevents you from upgrading. Whatever the reason, it’s up to you to risk risking your upgrade.

XP -losure risk
The cost of capital expenditures is usually considered as the reason why practice does not escalate. However, the risk of data breaches with XP is far beyond the cost of the upgrade.
Each health care data breach can be subject to harsh HIPAA financial penalties, which can cost you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, a recent opinion poll showed that 40% of dental patients may look for another dentist if their personal information is stolen. Even worse, exposing the PHI of your patients can put your practice on the “shame wall” of the federal government, which can irreparably damage your reputation. Keep your old computer worth the risk of practicing?

XP stunt growth
Security Danger is not the only reason to kick XP to the curb. If you continue to haunt your dental clinic in XP, you miss out on newer, more effective techniques that can boost your bottom line. Software and hardware manufacturers are optimizing their products to work best with the new version of Windows. As a result, you may expect compatibility issues between updated hands-on programs, dental devices, and outdated, unsupported Windows XP.

TechCentral allows XP to rest
Our experts at Henry Schein TechCentral have helped smooth the transition to many practices. Start a free technical assessment and evaluate your computer network needs. TechCentral’s assessment finds the best path for your practice, regardless of size or budget.

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