Why Our Dentist Recommends All Athletes Wear Mouth Guards

Athletes who want to be safe should use their oral guards regularly during contact sports. Teenagers often play sports such as football, hockey, and even baseball, which can hurt players’ teeth in many ways. In many of these sports, dangerous players are required to wear helmets to increase their head safety. Since adults only have one adult tooth, it is important to wear mouth guards to ensure safety during a dangerous exercise.
Most players who play with sports will not get hurt, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Every day, sports athletes who think they can’t happen face the harsh reality of reality. For years, our dental clinic witnessed the unfortunate consequences of not taking basic precautions to prevent unnecessary oral injuries. These injuries can happen to anyone, and may come from a variety of sports. Any physical contact involving an athlete or solid ball should require all athletes to use proper oral protection.
Damage to the teeth can be a painful experience that can plague athletes and their families for the rest of their lives. In the absence of anaesthesia, the acute nature of broken, divided or resected teeth is very painful. Waiting in the emergency room for a long time, the players often have to endure the pain until they are finally treated. If action is taken immediately, some of the teeth may be preserved, but the teeth will not survive. This requires future amputations and replacement of artificial teeth, which are very expensive. Many insurance plans do not cover these types of injuries, and families can get expensive bills from the local dentist’s office.
Fortunately, all of these problems can be eliminated with a simple mouth. Players with oral injuries can take precautions to protect their teeth from injury. By getting the right protection from the start, contact sports players can enjoy their activities without having to go to the local dentist’s office.
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