Why CAD/CAM…Why Now?

Many products or services have a hard time defining “why.” Enter digital dentistry (digital impressions, CAD/CAM dentistry, 3D, 2D imaging). There are many “what” (digital options) for various vendors and manufacturers. I believe Henry Sain has a “why” for dentistry, unlike other suppliers.

One of the most common procedures is to provide a crown. Ask the dentist how many crowns they have each month. They will ask the assistant or front desk staff for help – otherwise they will guess. If you have conducted Henry Shayne’s practice analysis on all your accounts, this will be clear. (By the way, you should. I’ve been practicing for 20 years. It’s probably the best thing anyone can do for me.) The Shanguan program is the rainmaker of the recovery exercise. More than 70% of the crowns are singles. In most practice, more than 25% of all single crowns are done on four teeth: mandibular and maxillary first molars! These first molar crowns pay my mortgage loan; they pay for the children’s college and pay for the car. These are “money teeth.” “How did Henry Shane help me to complete the most important procedure in my practice? Simple. Believe there is a better way for me, my team and my patients are doing them. That’s why I’m with Henry. Shain partner.

With a digital impression, I began to realize my dream. I added technology to my office and paid tribute to my patients.
For me, the dream is to try to be as efficient and efficient as possible in more ways. With a digital impression, I began to realize my dream. I added technology to my office and paid tribute to my patients. I make the impression more comfortable. I become more efficient. I have a relationship with Henry Schein because they believe numbers are a better way for me… not just for them.

Once I have a digital impression system, I have different ways to achieve my dream. Henry Schein can help me integrate CAD/CAM dentistry, so I can mill prosthetics in my office and have full control over a single post-processing process.

With a complete digital impression CAD / CAM system (eg PlanScan / PlanCAD / PlanMill 40), I can choose to use SOS (Site Support) and / or use DDX (Digital Dental Exchange) for repair. I may wish to use the PlanScan digital impression system in some cases, or I can find a partner (digital lab or expert) to help with the production.

Once Henry Schein Dental helped me to complete a single posterior restoration in a better way, I could combine more digitization and dreams. I can now consider other numerical options that Henry Schein thinks can help me practice. If you want to have a good reason to enter CAD / CAM dentistry, I believe I have already shown you “why.” Let Henry Schein show you “how”.

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