When I See You Smile

When I See You SmileEver wonder why you want to be a dentist? Really, have you ever thought of who? When you are struggling in undergraduate and dental schools, what do you expect to get at the end of a long road? I know, I know, this is a large sum of money we take home every week. Correct? Yep!

“When I see you smile, I can face the world. I can do anything.”
So a 14-year-old girl would never laugh because she didn’t like her smile? What if you changed her smile? No, more… if you changed her life? I argue that if you are a cosmetic dentist, you have already experienced the highest level that a dentist can have: to see the patient see their new smile for the first time.

When I saw you smile, a song by Chris Lawrence in 2006 told us: “When I see you smile, I can face the world. I can do anything.” Perhaps this is a bit dramatic for dental applications. But you must admit that our ability to change smiles and change lives is very exciting. Do you have the ability and tools in your toolbox to let you experience this kind of dental high? The CAO diode laser and a little training can really open the possibilities.

Let’s consider the following situation. A 14-year-old African American girl enters your office. She completed orthodontic treatment but never laughs because her upper side is too small, she does not like the look of her tissue, and her teeth are too dark. What would you do?

The first step involves a gum resection or “gum spasm,” a term we use for patients, as well as maxillary resection. This is done with a CAO diode laser. This makes the teeth have a better appearance because we can achieve “golden ratio”. Next, we bleached her teeth with CAO’s white bleach. Teen teeth bleach well! The small-sized lateral incisors are then repaired by the repairer. Coltene’s accessories provide a fast, conservative, economical but very aesthetic solution to this aesthetic problem.

The final step provided the finishing touch. African-American patients often have random pigmented areas in the gums. Due to the appearance of blemishes, the pigment area may be a cosmetic issue. Again, through the advantages of the laser in our dental kit, we were able to remove the pigmented tissue from the “cosmetic area” on two visits. Please note that we did not remove the pigment from the lower gum as it is not in the visible beauty area. It also allows us to compare results.

With tools from dental tools such as CAO lasers and accessories, we were able to give a beautiful 14-year-old girl a beautiful smile. It is fun to turn a young man from a person who never smiles to a smile to the height of a great tooth. In addition, it helps me remember why I became a dentist, “When I saw you smile.”

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