Voco introduces V-Posil time-optimized VPS impression system

The new VPS impression system, V-Posil, is odorless and provides up to two minutes of adjustable working time, allowing doctors to control the pace of surgery while improving patient comfort and limiting operating time. V-Posil’s fast capture settings can also reduce time spent in critical areas by up to 50%, thereby minimizing potential distortions due to human errors and reducing expensive re-shoots. With V-Posil optimized timing, Voco is able to combine the working time of conventional impression materials with the short setting of fast setting materials in a single material.

Since the low polyether contact angle is less than 10°, the excellent hydrophilicity of V-Posil replaces fluids such as saliva and blood, which enhances the contact between the material and the tooth anatomy and produces more accurate impressions. In addition, V-Posil is designed to provide excellent tear strength and elastic recovery (99.6%) to ensure dimensional accuracy after removing the impression. Laboratory technicians will appreciate that V-Posil’s unique rear set contact angle is less than 6°, providing post-hydrophilicity, ensuring a more accurate stone model, and better repairing the restoration.

Ultradent Products Inc. introduced Unicore Accessory Posts, part of the Unicore Post and Drill System. Designed for general dentists and endodontic therapists, Unicore accessory stents will be created in the root canal and placed along with the main post (eg Unicore Post). The Unicore Auxiliary Prop is designed to fill voids in the root canal, thereby increasing the overall strength of the core component. Adding attachment pillars can better accommodate flared and elliptical canals without the need for additional drilling procedures.

The Unicore Auxiliary Post has a tapered shaft for preserving dentine and enhances adaptability in a trumpet canal. This minimizes the formation of gaps and polymerization shrinkage. Unicore’s auxiliary struts are stronger than composite resins, providing reinforcement for both internal and external repairs. They are highly transparent for optimal aesthetics and light guidance, and they are also radiopaque, making them easy to see in radiographs.

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