Vista Dental unveils newly redesigned titanium tips for EndoUltra

Science has shown that rinsing agents are more effective when electromechanically activated. Acoustic flow and cavitation have been shown to significantly enhance anatomic cleanliness.

EndoUltra ™ has quickly established itself as the best and most clinically effective option for activating pulp pulps. Recent software improvements and redesigned titanium tips have further enhanced the performance in these three areas:

Durability – Flexible Titanium ensures repeated use over the most cutting-edge service life

Flexibility – Easily pre-bend to enhance ability to access and bend the canal

Power – Increase power, improve sound flow and cavitation, resulting in a cleaner channel system.

For over 20 years, Vista Dental Products has been dedicated to improving the dental clinic by providing hundreds of high quality dental products, endodontics solutions, equipment and accessories. These new titanium tips for ultrasound activation are but another example of Vista’s commitment to improving patient outcomes.

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