Vatech introduces the PaX-i Insight

Vatech America, Inc. announced the launch of PaX-i Insight, the latest digital panoramic radiography system that is said to drive the limits of 2D digital imaging. Built with Vatech’s latest CMOS technology, PaX-i Insight is said to have unique capabilities to capture the depth of panoramic X-rays and provide unprecedented depth and clarity for 2D digital panoramas.

The new PaX-i Insight offers physicians an amazing 41-slice digital panoramic radiograph designed specifically for dental and pediatric dentists and general practitioners. The system provides the optional next-generation cephalometric arm that captures the lateral X-ray within 1.9 seconds.

As these shortened skulls measure image acquisition time, doctors will not only find improved image quality, but also measure less motion artifacts in their head. In addition, PaX-i Insight reportedly offers a comprehensive, sophisticated 2D imaging solution that takes the diagnostic value of panoramic images to new heights.

Puretta Releases Versatile Sterilization Toothbrush Station

Puretta Technology Co., LTD’s design team is pleased to share Puretta versatile toothbrush station officially released news. Every day our toothbrushes are exposed to invisible bacteria and bacteria, filling every corner and constantly exposed to the splash zone, which in turn can be downright nauseous and detrimental to the health of you and your loved ones. That is why the creators of Puretta chose to design a new modern, environmentally friendly technology to improve your bathroom cleanliness and personal health and hygiene.

This smart toothbrush station is designed to bring new levels of cleanliness, certified and tested to kill 99.9% of bacteria and bacteria by UV light. The lights are powered by solar panels, eliminating the need to use ugly and potentially dangerous cables in bathroom sinks and wall outlets. The station provides space for up to four toothbrushes, as well as backrest areas for razors, dental floss and dental cleaning appliances. The station offers a universal toothpaste plug-in to fit every toothpaste’s shape and size, as well as an intelligent infrared light that will automatically turn off the UV-cleaning process whenever someone enters the vicinity.

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