Vatech introduces the PaX-i Insight

Digital panoramic radiographing system has the unique ability to capture panoramic radiographs with increased depth

Vatech America, Inc. announced the launch of PaX-i Insight, the latest digital panoramic radiography system, which reportedly pushes the limits of 2D digital imaging. Built on Vatech’s latest CMOS technology, PaX-i Insight is said to have unique features that enable it to capture depth-enhancing panoramic radiographs, providing unprecedented depth and clarity for 2D digital panoramic images.

The new PaX-i Insight provides doctors with a stunning 41-layer digital panoramic X-ray film designed specifically for endodontic dentists and paediatric dentists and general practitioners. The system offers an optional next-generation cephalometric arm that captures the lateral head radiograph within 1.9 seconds.

With these shortened head-measurement image acquisition times, doctors will not only find improved image quality but will also reduce motion artifacts in head-measured images. According to reports, PaX-i Insight provides comprehensive cutting-edge 2D imaging solutions while raising the diagnostic value of panoramic images to new heights.

Panoramic has introduced a new digital panorama and head-measurement imaging system, adding to its tradition of providing high-quality products through the Panoramic Exclusive outlet model.

Envision provides panoramic and panoramic/head measurement configurations. It is an advanced imaging system that uses high-quality Cadmium Telluride (CdTe-CMOS) sensor technology and is said to produce more than 3,000 layers of diagnostic information, which is unique to 2D extraoral machines. The characteristics.

It is also designed to combine superior image quality with enhanced sharpness and contrast on a user platform for the dental team to locate high-quality and consistent X-rays for patients. Thanks to this special sensor technology and continuous autofocus, Panorama’s Envision is said to always provide the best possible images, significantly reducing positioning errors in panoramic and cephalometric instruments.

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