Using the DISCtance IPR system in your practice

Komet USA introduces an advanced stripping system designed to help dentists make interdental enamel easier, more efficiently and accurately before they are fixed on the buccal or lingual side of the tooth or before they are treated with a dental appliance Braces.

Efficacy: The DISCtance ™ IPR system is reported to simplify and speed up the stripping tasks to correct for mandibular tooth size disproportionate to the maxilla to eliminate congestion and create full-face contact (especially at the lower front end) to improve the end of orthodontic treatment After the results of stability.

Precise: The system is said to allow greater precision in reducing enamel between teeth. The higher accuracy may be due in part to the unique diamond coating on the petri dish included in each kit.

Versatile: There are a variety of disc sizes: 0.15mm, 0.20mm and 0.30mm. It has been reported that the use of progressively thicker discs for patients makes it much easier to remove the exact amount of enamel.

Vista’s Dental Products Introduction Elasti-Vac ™, which is considered as a cost-effective alternative to popular Ultradent® branded capillary tips.

It is reported that this narrow, flexible tip allows easy navigation of curved canals. For dental pulp withdrawal, but not limited to, the luer lock head is easily connected to the luer HVE adapter. This allows connection to high-speed or low-speed intake valves.

Drainage minimizes the need for paper spots by quickly and easily removing water from the pulp tube system. It is said that this tip is made of translucent material, allowing the observation of the inhalation path.

Provide 20 and 50 tips package. Vista Dental Products offers a full range of quality tips and syringes for a variety of applications at competitive prices.

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