Using ALPEN ShapeGuard polishers in your practice

It is said that the new polishing machine series produced a beautiful effect.

COLTENE recently introduced ALPEN ShapeGuard, a new series of diamond-impregnated polishers, allegedly with excellent polishing performance and a mild surface.

The polisher is carefully designed to adapt to any surface and distribute uniform pressure for fast, easy and intuitive polishing and polishing. According to reports, the optimized polishing system is suitable for composites and ceramics, producing high gloss.

Aesthetics drive:

According to reports, ShapeGuard’s new spiral wheel design uses universal composites and ceramic restorations to provide flexible sheets for aesthetic appeal. The polisher is designed to polish cut surfaces, lips, cheeks and tongues.

Easy to use:

ShapeGuard Composite Plus is a simple two-step system, and ShapeGuard Ceramic Plus is designed as a three-step system. It is said that the Composite Plus and Ceramic Plus polishers can be autoclaved for long life. The Composite Plus polisher is designed for use with COLTENE’s new BRILLIANT EverGlow Universal sub-micron hybrid composite, filled bulk filler and COMPONEER prefabricated composite veneer.


Both Composite Plus and Ceramic Plus ShapeGuard polishers are available in 5-piece refills. In addition, the Composite Plus polisher is equipped with a convenient 4-piece product and the Ceramic Plus polisher is available in 3-pack products. All products can be used in the United States and Canada.

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