Try To Get A Whiter Smile

Many people enjoy coffee and red wine which result in stained teeth. Even when stained teeth aren’t the problem, more and more people are looking for an effective way to bleach their teeth and achieve a bright, attractive smile quickly. Laser treatment and gel treatments by a dentist have become popular for whitening your teeth, but are very expensive. There is a low cost way of achieving the white teeth you want at a fraction of the cost.

So how does it work?

Dentists combat the problem of stained or yellow/discoloured teeth by using a clinical strength teeth whitening gel which safely and very effectively penetrates the immediate surface of the enamel at a microscopic level to literally bleach out these stains to a snow white result without harming the teeth or penetrating too far.

Because this product needs to be applied regularly over days and weeks, the dentist will provide you with a custom fitted mouth tray and a supply of clinical strength whitening gel for a total treatment that will cost between $500 and $1000 DESPITE THE FACT that it is YOU who is administering the treatment at home!

Why pay a dentist sky high fees when you can purchase the exact same quality, clinical strength product  like dental handpiece with detailed instructions and advice for just the cost of a bi-annual check up? You can purchase the same whitening kit you would receive from the dentist online now.

Try The Easy Methods First

However, before you decide to go on a hunt for the best over the counter tooth whitening, why not try some simple methods first. Like eating strawberries which has been shown to improve teeth whiteness and give you whiter teeth.

Even after you choose the best over the counter teeth whitening for you you must still do the simple things while using the product. Brush with a well known teeth whiteners toothpaste like ultradent or aquafresh teeth whiteners. Drink plenty of water and forget the coffee, tea and colored drinks.

Swabs May Be Your Best Option

All in all, the best over the counter tooth whitening systems that I have seen have usually been the ones that include a swab. With the tooth whitening swab you essentially paint on the tooth whitening and then you wait as it does the teeth whitening using bleaching and dental lab equipment.

So if you want to get the best results just like with cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening which promotes hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening and carbmide peroxide then grab a free trial of several of the best over the counter teeth whitening systems and try them for yourself.