Treating periodontal disease with Perio Protect

Catapult education members evaluate this device for treatment of gum disease.

If you once mentioned that your periodontal patient’s expert has the result in returning to mediocrity, then you know that periodontal recommendation can be a two-lost situation for both you and your patient. For decades, we have been scaling and curing teeth as an initial form of treatment. Although this technology has proven effective in the short term, success often does not continue over time. We try to keep our most difficult and even obstinate periodontal patients in maintenance from six weeks to three months. Even with this frequency and attention, we still have patients continuing to break down.

Perio Protection Tray As a periodontal disease specialist, I tried almost every method of treating periodontal disease. All of these methods have scientific significance. The key to success is long-term maintenance. About half of patients initially treated for periodontal disease adhere to three months of maintenance, and patients who adhere to and have the most detailed home-care procedures will still return residual probe depth and bleeding on detection. Then those patients were referred to my office, and there were four orthopedic or laser surgeries that must be maintained.

Perio Protect is a treatment I have used in the past two years. After some comprehensive periodontal examination, some of my recommended treatments include Perio Protect. The Indexed Newspaper Tray® Depth offers a 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel to the periodontal pocket to reduce inflammation and infection. The patient uses the tray in increments of 10 to 15 minutes as part of their home care.

When patients face surgery, they want to know that they have exhausted non-surgical options. I provided this technique when I think they might benefit from Perio Protect from preoperatively. If the patient knows that they have exhausted non-surgical options, it is much easier to discuss and undergo surgery. As a periodontal specialist, surgery was much easier when I knew that the organization was as healthy as Perio Tray’s initial preparation.

Perio Protect is easy for patients to use, which means that high compliance and high compliance mean a lot of success. It has become part of my winning formula. I use it after all surgery, laser surgery and initial treatment. All of my patients who need help reduce pocket depth and eliminate bleeding are treated with Perio Protect.

Catapult Education’s key opinion leaders have discovered real results after applying Perio Protect to their offices. The doctor was satisfied with the results of using Periodo Protect. Some of them commented that this is a good way to educate patients. It provides results that do not use chlorhexidine and improves their bottom line. More importantly, Periodo Protect has changed the expected results of the periodontal health and soft tissue management programs.

Perio Protect is suitable for those recoverable cases that are difficult to clean, especially for older people with less flexibility.

When using Period Protector, Catapult assessors found that their patients had experienced:

Reduce bleeding by 100%
Probe depth reduced by 83.33%
Fresh breath, 100%
Teeth whiter, 83.33%
100% less gums
Perio Protect is easy to use, which means a high degree of patient compliance. If you want to see a dramatic change in the results of your periodontal patient, apply Perio Protect to your practice. You can manage periodontal treatment with better results and results. Perio Protect received a vote of confidence.

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