The Types Of Dental Restoration

Today, there are a number of dental restoration options. It is possible to have decayed, missing or damaged teeth repaired and your smile can remain beautiful and attractive. Based on the nature of the dental problem, your dentist will carry out one of 2 restorations:

Direct Restoration – In this procedure, a filling is placed in to the tooth cavity and can be carried out in a single visit. There are a variety of filling options like resin or glass Ionomer and this is one of the commonest dental procedures. This procedure is used for teeth that are not subject to very heavy chewing pressure.

Indirect Restoration – In this procedure, customized tooth replacements are made in the form of crowns, inlays or onlays. The crown will cover the entire tooth and these procedures require more than just a single visit. Today, different materials like tooth-colored composite and porcelain are used for a more natural look. A crown is a perfect way to cover a tooth imperfection. Before the crown in fitted, the damaged/ decayed tooth will have to be treated and filled. The dentist might fill the tooth/teeth with silver amalgam, gold.

If you are suffering from a broken tooth or teeth the ideal procedure is to use Dental Implants. If you do not replace your missing teeth you will have to face a lot of difficulties such as trouble in chewing food, unable to talk properly and smiling broadly. Implants will be attached to your jaw bone inside your gums, so that dentures or tooth bridges can be securely placed.

Dental Bridges are used to fill the gap of a lost tooth. It would bridge the gap between the existing teeth. The pontic also known as false tooth is held together by two crowns. These pontics are made of alloys, porcelain or gold according the individuals preference.

Decayed or broken tooth are restored using a dental crown. Is your tooth is decayed or broken but the root is in good condition? Then a dental crown will provide the covering for the entire broken or decayed tooth. It will also strengthen the tooth and prevent it from further damage.

Known to be one of the best sources to correct broken, chipped or cracked teeth is Porcelain Veneers. A thin wafer like porcelain layer is used to cover and bond the damaged tooth. The bonding is done either physically or chemically. Since cosmetic dentistry with dental equipment  has improved a lot these porcelain veneers being thin look very natural. So nobody can spot the difference between a restored tooth and a real tooth.

If you have an amalgam filling your tooth would look dark. By using a Porcelain Crown your dentist can cover up this defect. The Porcelain Crown covers the portion of the tooth which is dark and will give you the confidence to smile broadly.

As mentioned above you can correct any of the damages or defects using restorative dentistry procedures. Understanding the present condition of your dental health is ideal in determining the treatment procedure for a condition. Consult your dentist so that the proper method could be chosen. Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums the most suitable restoration would be applied. Ensuring that you get back your smile and you have the comfort of chewing your food properly and are able to speak properly.

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