The Professional Teeth Whitening Procedures

A bright, appealing smile is becoming an increasingly strong asset in most social endeavors, whether these involve business or personal relations. With the media setting the benchmark of how people should look like, many people try to adjust their looks by adopting the cultural trends of TV stars and celebrities, either in terms of fashion or appearance.

The process of Professional Teeth Whitening

The first step is for the dentist to assess the level of discolouration. Then the dentist will perform a first cleansing of the teeth, so that the whitening gel can be applied on clean teeth. Before the whitening treatment starts, a mould will be created for the mouth trays that will be used to apply the gel. This mould is customised to create trays that will fit precisely the individual’s unique teeth shape.

Once the trays are created, a peroxide gel will be applied on the teeth. It may require a few visits before the work is complete, and it may also require the individual to perform self-maintenance through treatment at home. It typically requires at least 2 visits in order for the results of professional process to show up.

Home whitening kits that you can readily buy at a fraction of the cost provide comparable results with only a small percentage of the fees that a dentist requires. These kits work with a similar application of peroxide gel on your teeth and you will have to follow some simple instructions on how to do it.

On average, professional teeth bleaching services rendered by cosmetic dentists average about $500.00. Naturally, there are many factors that go into determining how much this service will cost. The popularity of a particular cosmetic dentist, the type of procedure performed, as well as the area in which that dentist practices are the top three most common factors that go into establishing the charges related to tooth whitening. There are some procedures that are quite expensive. An example of this is laser teeth whitening. In most cases, this form of teeth whitening costs well over $1,000.00 total.

Professional teeth whitening services may prove to be quite hefty as far as expense is concerned. More and more people are finding that their budget simply does not permit such an expense. If you are one of these people, I have some good news for you. There are many different types of at home whitening kits that can be purchased at your favorite retailer, on the internet, or at your local pharmacy. The average costs associated with these kits range from as little as $5.00 to just over $100.00. You are likely to discover that these are much more appropriate for your budget and your teeth whitening needs.

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