The Procedures Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry as the name suggests, it’s used to refer to any dental work that is very helpful in improving the appearance of person’s teeth, gums or bite. Professionals that are involved in these works are called cosmetic dentists. Mainly, there are two types of dental surgeries are performed in dental esthetics or cosmetics. The first one is Prosthodontics and the second is Orthodontics. Such specialists are called Prosthodontisits and Orthodontists respectively. Along with these processes, there are various other methods that are using in cosmetic dentistry as per the patients’ circumstances and situations.

There are a number of procedures that can be performed by the dentist to improve the appearance of the teeth or smile. Ranging from subtle changes to extensive repairs, the procedures are used to fix teeth that are discolored, misshapen, chipped or missing. The dentists can reshape teeth, close gaps or spaces, alter the length of teeth, or restore teeth that are short or worn. The most common procedures include bonding, bleaching, veneers, contouring and reshaping. While the procedures may be considered cosmetic, in many cases, they help to improve oral conditions such as the bite. Having an overbite can hamper speech and in some cases, the bite affects ones ability to eat certain foods.

Bleaching is one of the most common dental procedures that involve using chemicals to whiten teeth. While some people use x ray floss machine to remove stains, others simply do it to get a better shade of white. A number of factors including coffee, tea, certain medications and smoking can cause teeth discoloration. It can also be hereditary, and in many cases is simply due to the aging process. While bleaching is often carried out at the dentist’s office, there are home treatments that can be carried out under the supervision of the dentist. The length of time it takes to complete the procedure will depend on the desired results.

Cosmetic bonding is one of the most effective methods used in dental health in Phoenix, Arizona. This method refers to use a tooth-colored resin to reshape a tooth. Broken, cracked or chipped teeth can be repaired using composite bonding. It is also used in reshaping an irregularly shaped tooth, improving the color of the smile as well as filling up thin gaps between teeth. Cosmetic dentist use to shine an UV (ultra-violet) light over the material to harden it after composite bonding resin is applied to the teeth and shaped perfectly. Dental veneers are usually made of porcelain and sometimes it can also be made out of resin. With dental adhesive, Veneers are sturdy caps are glued to the teeth.

Veneers are used as a cheaper alternative to crowns. During this procedure, porcelain or plastic materials are placed or cemented over the teeth, to change the color or shape. The dentist takes an impression of the tooth in order to have a custom-made veneer that fits onto the tooth. Veneers will require more than one visit to the dentist. They have a better life expectancy than bonding, and their color stability is more enhanced too.

Choosing Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry changes appearance by altering the look of the teeth and smile. Most of the alterations are not reversible. It is therefore very crucial that the cosmetic dentist who does the treatment is qualified and experienced. Do not hurry in choosing the cosmetic dentist to employ. Opt for the dentist London that you feel completely at ease with and are confident with his/her capabilities and skills. The cosmetic dentist to employ is therefore a very personal choice.

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