The Latest Development In Dentistry

Dentistry is one of the oldest medical practices and has come a long way since it was first practiced. New dental technology has enabled dentists practice more efficiently and comfortably and has eliminated the use of drilling and filling. Other technologies have made patients smile improve in a very short time while others enable patients grow new teeth.

Laser technology like dental polishing machine  has grown in popularity in the recent years and has found a niche in dentistry. Due to the laser energy produced, different dental problems can be cured. It also sterilizes and coagulates blood vessels to reduce risk of infection. The advantage of laser technology is the reduction of pain felt in dental procedures and minimized bleeding and controlled swelling in gum disease treatment. It is also perfect for cosmetic dental patients as it requires short time and is best for those who require dental bonding.

Air abrasion is a new procedure used for treating cavities and eliminates anesthesia and dental drill. It involves the use of tiny particles of aluminum oxide used to remove cavities by propelling it against the tooth. It is an expensive procedure but effective in the treatment of small to medium sized cavities. It is making patients visit to the dentist comfortable since it does not require anesthesia and is done in a very short time and does not come with build-up of fluids that accompany the use of the dental drill.

Another development in the field of dentistry is air abrasion. This is mainly a new procedure utilized for cavities treatment at the same time eliminating anesthesia and dental drill. In this process, tiny particles of aluminum oxide are used for removing cavities by pushing it against the tooth. Though this procedure is very expensive yet it is an effective method of treating small to medium sized cavities. The procedure requires no anesthesia and is done in short period of time, making the patients visit dentist comfortably.

Dental implant is another new development in the field of dentistry.Implant dentists can easily replace your missing tooth by an artificial one. The procedure of dental implants involves replacement of tooth surgically into the jawbone and anchors replacement teeth. The artificial tooth will acts as a natural tooth enabling you to use basic things such as chewing and speaking without any difficulty. You can simply replace a single tooth or a number of teeth, this procedure is very expensive yet it allows you to improve your smile as well as boost your confidence.

Dental whitening is now gaining in popularity today. With the help of dentist you can simply whiten your teeth. Another development in the field of dentistry we see today is bonding. In this process, the dentists whether its general dentists or emergency dentists cleans and prepares the surface of your teeth and then bonds tooth colored resin fillings to them. This method can be utilized for repairing chipped teeth, close small gaps between teeth as well as change the shape of teeth and sometimes cover changing of color in teeth. One of the other new method in dentistry today is veneers, this method can be utilized in improving the appearance of teeth by changing the shape of the teeth, by altering the color of teeth also by masking strains as well as by replacing small fractured pieces of teeth.

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