The Dental Surgery Is Right For Our Dental Health

Have you ever noticed the way celebrities and supermodels have perfect teeth? Do you think they have these great genes and were born that way?

I can assuredly tell you they were not! Their god or goddess like teeth are a result of thousands of dollars spent at a cosmetic dental surgeon.

The focus of your average dentist is making sure the functionality of your teeth and the surrounding area around them is good. They evaluate, diagnose, and prevent disorders and diseases of your gum and oral cavities.

A cosmetic dental surgeon focuses more on the aesthetic side of your teeth. Their aim is to make your smile look as appealing and attractive as humanly possible.

How do they accomplish this? The main methods used include: teeth whitening, enamel shaping, veneers, and gum lifts.

Whitening is one of the most popular and least expensive methods applied by these specialized doctors. Its basically applying a special type of bleach onto your teeth which whitens them. Over time drinking soda, coffee, and certain types of food can stain your teeth and this procedure makes them bright again. While this process will not help the shape of your dentures it will help their color.

Tooth decay

Dentists ask their patients brush their teeth regularly with fluoride rich toothpaste to avoid tooth decay. The teeth absorb the fluoride and become stronger, resisting acid and keeping away bacteria responsible for cavities. Fluoride is also used in the form of liquids and oral tablets.

Dry mouth

For those suffering from dry mouth, medicaments to trigger the production of saliva are prescribed.

In addition to the above, if the patient is scheduled to undergo oral surgery, a variety of antibiotics along with oral rinses are used during and after surgery to reduce infection and pain. Muscle relaxants are also prescribed to relieve stress and tension associated with dental treatment, especially for those prone to grinding their teeth. Some people develop oral thrush and this is treated with antifungal drugs.

If a tooth extraction is necessary, antibiotics are usually started before the date of extraction to fight an infection besides minimizing pain after the procedure. For all dental procedures, disposable bibs are essential to avoid the transmission of infections and bacteria from doctor to patient and vice versa.

During a patient’s first visit, dentists ask about their complete medical history as well as any allergies and medications being taken for existing health problems to avoid adverse interactions and side effects. Dental health is critical to overall health and any medication related to treatment must be taken exactly as instructed to ensure success.

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