The ALARA Principle and 3D Dental Imaging

How does 3D imaging measure radiation doses when compared to two-dimensional digital panoramas and skull radiographs? ALARA not only has sound security principles (“reasonably low achievable”) is a regulatory requirement for all radiation safety programs.

If you want to know if the X-ray exposure of a cone-beam 3D scan will make it harder to adhere to the ALARA principle than 2D imaging, you will be interested in this new study by Dr. John Ludlow, the most advanced X-ray dosimetry Experts and effective doses related to dental imaging. This study shows that 3D information can be obtained with a lower radiation dose than conventional 2D imaging methods. Dr. Ludlow’s analysis indicated that the i-CAT® FLX QuickScan + scan allows the patient to receive an effective dose that is lower than the representative combined dose of modern 2D digital panoramic and skull radiographs.

Dexis has released DEXISMac® in the promise to listen to the next generation of products the dentist wants to see. The new DEXIS Mac interface is clean, simple and elegant in any sense. Focused on ease of use, fast workflows, and ease of integration, Dexis hopes to be at the forefront of helping dentists meet the needs of any dentist regardless of the computer platform they choose. Now, Mac users can enjoy the outstanding image management and enhancement tools of DEXIS and award-winning DEXIS Platinum sensors.

Easy to use – DEXIS Mac is intuitive and simple for doctors and teams. The software has a context-sensitive user interface and only provides clinicians with the tools and features or “smart buttons” needed to complete a given step.

Fast Workflow – X-ray acquisition and image enhancement is a fast operation of DEXIS Mac. When the workflow is fast and efficient, it is more convenient for the dentist and the patient’s schedule.

Easy to integrate – DEXIS Mac users can now experience integrated tools such as DEXIS go and DEXIS photos as well as PC users. In addition, DEXIS Mac seamlessly integrates Mac-based practice management programs, including ViiveTM from Henry Schein Dental Practice Solutions.

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