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The Best Oral Hygiene So Important For Us

It is essential that you keep up good oral hygiene that keeps your mouth feeling, looking and smelling healthy. * Your teeth are clean and debris free. * Firm gums that do not hurt or bleed when flossing or brushing. * Constant problems with bad breath. Visit your dentist every 6 months where your oral hygiene can be assessed and you can get professional help with micro motor  if needed.

Care Of your Gums

Plaque – a film of bacteria that constantly forms on the teeth. It collects on the surface of the teeth, next to the gums and in between the teeth. The plaque can inflame the gums, toxins are produced by bacteria. Regular brushing will stop the plaque build up but you will never stop it forming.

Looking After Your Gums

Make sure the brush you use is in good condition. Brush you gums and teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste. Floss between the teeth to remove stubborn debris A toothpaste containing Triclosan with Copolymer or Triclosan with Zinc Citrate may provide added protection for the gums.

Why we need teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning or teeth brushing is the elimination of unwanted tartar and dental plaque from teeth to prevent gum disease such as gingivitis and cavities. One-third of tooth loss by adult is due to severe gum diseases and even though how good our teeth are, it is useless if we are suffering from gum problems.

Dental professionals recommended that our teeth must be cleaned (by dental hygienist) at least every 6 months. This cleaning includes tooth polishing and tooth scaling, while debridement is necessary if too much tartar has built up then fluoride treatment follows.

To prevent tartar accumulation, good oral hygiene is very important between cleanings. We can do this by brushing our teeth frequently as well as using dental floss to prevent build-up of plaque on the teeth.

In conclusion, health situations that involve your teeth can be serious issues. While thorough flossing and brushing, as well as regular dental check-ups, can help prevent dental emergencies, they are not guaranteed to. Furthermore, most alert situations occur during times when a regular dental office may not be open. Therefore, a dental issue often goes hand-in-hand with much needed service right away. To prevent future problems, an emergency dentist or 24 hours dentist should be found well before something alarming occurs.

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The Root Canal Treatment Can Improve Our Dental Health Condition

Root Canal treatment is a process, that is done to get rid of the infection as well as protect your decontaminated tooth and also preserve through future microbe incursion. Root canal treatment is additionally known as endodontic treatment. In this process, the contaminated pulp is removed by dealing with the microbe infections as well as filling the canal.

Root canal treatment solution primarily starts by drilling or making a hole within the enamel part of the tooth, which can be the best part. Initially inflammed pulp present in your pulp chamber is entered, and then going through the root canal for the elimination of infected tissues as well as remaining pulp tissues. Burrowing is done on the infected pulp by making use of needle shaped lengthy drills, that are known as files, H files (Headstroem), K flex, Remears, etc.

Why is it important to undergo such treatment?

This dental procedure is highly recommended because of several reasons. If the nerve tissues and pulp in your tooth are damaged, there is a high chance for bacteria to grow and multiply in the pulp area. This situation can lead to infection as well as formation of abscesses. Abscessed tooth is usually formed when the infection has already scattered up to the ends of your tooth roots. Infection in this area can also seriously lead to swelling that may affect even your neck and face areas. There is also a risk of losing parts of your bone around the root’s tip because of the infection.

The first step of this treatment is the drilling which enables access to the infected pulp. Once the surface is drilled, the dentist removes the infected pulp tissue and further drills the root canal(s). Post the removal of pulp and drilling of root canal, the infected canal is disinfected using different medicinal oils and micro motor. The dentist uses a standard filling material and puts it in the teeth, followed by sealing of the open surface to avoid leakage. As the teeth remains disconnected with blood supply, the dentist, as a measure to protect the teeth, covers it with a crown.

The treatment takes a lot of time and the patient has to visit the dentist multiple times before the actual treatment is performed, depending on the circumstances and the damage caused to the teeth.

Who can perform such root canal treatments?

This procedure is typically performed by an endodontist since this type is highly specialized in assessing and treating diseases that are related to the dental pulp or tooth nerve. Other types of dentists can also perform the procedure but it will highly depend on that person’s level of expertise and the complexity of the dental procedure to be done. Make sure you check the credibility of the clinic performing the procedure so you can be sure of their level of expertise in such treatment. You can also check out BrisbaneSmileCentre site to know more info about this procedure.

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