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Something About Invisalign Treatment

If you have never been to a Los Angeles Orthodontist before, you may have some anxiety about the process of getting your teeth straightened. You might want to consider Invisalign, which is becoming a much more popular alternative to braces. The decision will be easier if you know how the procedure works before consulting a West Los Angeles Invisalign Treatment orthodontist.

The procedure will begin by your specialist taking x-rays and dental curing light. One of the benefits of Invisalign is that it is largely computerized. Impressions will be taken and used to make a three dimensional picture of your teeth.

The aligners themselves used in the treatment process will be composed of a smooth and comfortable plastic. These plastic aligners lack the protruding metal found in traditional braces. You can also remove these aligners when you need to eat food or brush your teeth (you do not need to visit a Los Angeles braces removal orthodontist every time). It is recommended that you wear the aligners 20-22 hours each day, so you will be sleeping in them as well as wearing them during the day.

If you are an adult, and are apprehensive about wearing those metal braces, then invisalign treatment is the best for you. Moreover, it has been claimed that this treatment is much quicker than the traditional method of wearing braces. The aligners are designed in such a way that they don’t do any damage to the gums and the nearing tissues. However, there are a few disadvantages of the treatment. Invisalign teeth have to be removed when you eat, drink and brush your teeth. But, the treatment requires you to wear the invisalign teeth for at least 22 hours a day. The treatment is more expensive than traditional treatment. Moreover, straightening a few teeth can become a little problematic to the aligners. Also, if your teeth need to be aligned vertically, then invisalign treatment will not work. Moreover, if you have the habit of clenching your teeth, then the aligners may get damaged. However, you can order another set of aligners if that happens.

The dental treatment usually begins with the dentist taking dental impressions, x-rays and photographs of the teeth. These reports are sent to Align Technology and dental equipment. The data is fed into the computer, which then creates a 3D model. Then the treatment strategy is seen and approved by the dentist. Average treatment time is about a year. The complexity of the treatment is also a factor that decides the treatment time. After the regular aligner treatment is complete, you need to wear retainers at night. The treatment has been very successful ever since its inception. Since April 2008, more than 73,0000 patients have successfully completed the invisalign treatment. So, if you are in search for a confident smile, then go for the invisalign treatment and bring your smile back.

Teeth Whitening Pens Can Enhance Your Smile

A bright smile is the key to win million hearts. Things get easier when you posses that brilliant smile everyone hankers after see once more. And you can not have a bright smile unless you have shiny white teeth. Bright milky white teeth are an important aspect of a pleasant personality. One can not afford to be negligent on the dental care. And this is why the industry is doing a hopping business in the tune of 30 billion dollar a year!

There is no way that your teeth will continue shining like it used to do when you were a sweet kid of 5. Natural factors like age, food habits and other habits like smoking, drinking tea, coffer, and carbonated drinks will have negatively affected your dental health. Your teeth’s enamel would become more transparent and look thinner, making your teeth appear dark and tarnished.

The solution is the home tooth whitening. There are different types of tooth whitening products in the market and most of them are very convenient to use and easy to carry. The methods are simple and easy to follow. The costs are significantly lower. One of the most convenient teeth whitening product is teeth whitening pen. The product looks like a pen. It is nothing but a pen looking container that contains teeth whitening gel.


These pens are easy to use as there are no strips, no trays and no complicated dental procedures involved. You need not to consult to dentist while using this method of whitening of teeth.

You need not to take appointment from any dentist and go through long dental whitening processes because a tooth whitening pen quickly erases food and drink stains and hence saves your valuable time.

High concentration of hydrogen peroxide may hurt your gums and soft tissues but these pens have low concentration of active ingredients i.e. Hydrogen peroxide with dental handpiece that makes them safer to use.

They are relatively inexpensive as compared to other teeth whitening products available in market.The average price of teeth bleaching pens is about $12 – $80 and one pen is for 30-day use. So, these are cost-effective.

Studies confirm that tooth whitening at home is safe and does not cause any damage to the enamel of the tooth. So, using these pens or other dental equipment at home won’t be a problem for you.

These pens are very helpful for those who don’t want to visit dentists. You need not to go to any dental clinic for whitening of your teeth. Apart from this, if you want sparkling teeth urgently, these pens are going to help you a lot because through these pens you get whitening teeth in just a few minutes.