SurgiTel launches two new products

SurgiTel recently launched a new wireless LED and SurgiCam HD.

Wireless LED

The new SurgiTel wireless LED is said to provide high quality LED optics in a portable package. SurgiTel’s proprietary optics are designed to create a clear beam and uniform aperture without hot spots or faded edges. Hot spots can cause glare, and faded edges can reduce sharpness. SurgiTel’s wireless LED illuminates your target evenly and comfortably. Your goal looks like it is in clear sunlight – perfect for beauty programs and color matching. Use SurgiTel’s wireless LED to lose the power cord.

Other features are said to include:

Best beam uniformity with patented optics

Uniform beam pattern over the working distance

Excellent color rendering

SurgiCam HD

SurgiCam HD shares, educates and trains with SurgiCam HD of SurgiTel. According to reports, this magnifying glass 1080p digital video camera allows you to record and share your surgery from the perspective of the clinician. SurgiTel’s user-friendly software is designed to make it easy for you to record and manage your program. SurgiCam HD is ideal for on-site or recorded teaching, sharing programs, unique perspectives on publications, documents, transmissions and advice anywhere in the world.

Other features are said to include:

USB power and data

Small size and light weight

High-definition resolution (1920x1080p)

Ultrasonic Scaler or dental equipment for more information.