Sirona T2 REVO contra-angle handpiece offers comfort, efficiency, and flexibility

Sirona Dental Systems, the world’s sole manufacturer of full-line dental equipment, will launch its revolutionary new diagonal handpiece(T2 REVO) in the us Dental market this fall.
T2 REVO contains the company’s patent SmartClip ™ technology provide integrated cell fiber and water delivery in an easily interchangeable media clips. The smart fixture can instantly repair clogged pipes or damaged fibers, simple and simple, allowing the dentist to continue to take care of patients patiently.
“Sirona handpiece line combines innovative technology with attention to detail, and T2 REVO is no exception,” said Michael Leadlove, the marketing and sales manager at Sirona’s handpiece division. “We believe T2 REVO offers the most cost-effective dentists in the market.”
For all the design of Sirona devices, flexibility is critical to provide the dentist’s economic solution to meet their existing and growing practice needs. T2 REVO offers a variety of options to accommodate most people’s preferences. The diagonal options include three available SmartClip formats: ISL, internal sprinkler head and fiber optic rod; Internal sprinkler head; And there’s the outside sprinkler head.
Among the many features of T2 REVO, its sturdy structure meets the highest sanitary standards. In addition, the head and apparatus can be assembled into a unit to eliminate vibration and obtain more accurate results. Like all Sirona handpieces, T2 REVO is ergonomically designed to allow maximum dental handpiece comfort.
Sirona handpiece line, including T2 REVO, will complete the industry’s best warranty within two years. DDS can also choose to extend the warranty period from three to five years if needed. For a certain amount of Sirona T1 spray lube, each of Sirona will provide extended warranty.