Sirona announces major product enhancements

Charlotte, n.c. – the world’s leading full dental equipment manufacturer Sirona dental systems today announced that it had sold its 3000th the orthogonal projection of X-ray imaging system, only in celebration after five months of sales in 2000.
Today, Sirona also released its positive projective XG Plus system in Pan/Ceph digital imaging, with several major enhancements in XG system hardware and its SIDEXISR technology. These improvements in function, function and automation, using Sirona patent SIDEXIS XG software is fear of XG product lines, has won its leading digital panoramic unit’s status in the United States, sales much faster than predicted.
“The excitement and enthusiasm we hear from dental professionals.
Our positive XG product line is amazing, “said John Smithson, marketing director for the Sirona USA imaging system.
Their feedback drives our product evolution, and we listen. Therefore, we are now providing a special new feature to the market, in the cross-section of the TSA imaging program selection, and SIDEXIS automation, “Smithson added.
As part of its ongoing process, Sirona introduces a new one
XG firmware version and a new version of SIDEXIS XG software
(v1.6), available immediately. In the new version, Sirona increased is fear XG + unique ability to cross sectional tomographic (tsa – transUNK section), now offers the ability to choose different thickness, 2, 6 or 8 mm – for horizontal slice image
Front teeth and grinding teeth.
These cross-sectional TSA images can clearly diagnose the teeth and bone structure of the implant or extraction area. Sirona also integrates the EasyPadR full-color touch screen/display new feature.
This feature improves the patient’s positioning guidance and further simplifies control of the unit. As usual, EasyPad also offers photos that you see immediately after filming. This helps to reduce the steps and check the quality images immediately when the patient is still in the unit.
In addition to using the new TSA function, the dentist can also take advantage of the additional Pan and Ceph segment programs
For more specific exposure, and allow for reduced X-ray exposure
The patient. These new features work with the current XG Plus function to provide a viable, cost-effective alternative
Chromatography or digital volume technology.
The enhanced SIDEXIS XG 1.6 software has unparalleled integration capabilities
And auto-upgrade. Use a simplified central installation
Advanced Windows MSI technology, users can now specify a single PC
“Master”, while the extra PC is installed as “the smallest customer”
User interaction. This saves time for integrating software
Massive networks. There is also a new auto-update feature
Allow automatic download of patches and updated Internet, and then automatically distribute on the network.
Finally, to ensure efficient data management, Sirona converts MS Access database (PDATA) into MS SQL Server 2005 Express. When installing the new dental supplies version, all existing user databases will automatically be converted to new server technologies.
XG Plus system and SIDEXIS software work together
Planning, presentation, and visualization tools are essential
Patient care, “said Smithson. The market has accepted that value
In our positive fear XG series of products. And deliver solutions
This does add value – and this has a lasting impact – the whole of Sirona