SIROLaser now available for sale

The world’s only full-line dental equipment maker, charlotte Sirona dental systems, announced it had won the FDA’s 510K approval for the sale of its “SIROLaser” in the United States.
A new type of SIROLaser diode laser from Sirona dental system is widely used in dental pulp, periodontal disease and oral surgery. It is compact, easy to use and provides excellent value for money.
Because of its compact size (7.5 “x 3.4″ W x 2.1 “W) and low weight (just under 1 pound), SIROLaser can be placed directly on the dentist’s element and easily integrated into the therapeutic workflow.
The wavelength of SIROLaser is 980 nanometers and the power output varies from 0.5 to 7 watts.
Easy to use control menu makes setting processing parameters very simple. The most commonly used clinical applications have been preset. To activate SIROLaser, the operator can use the foot control or finger switch found on the ergonomic hand pieces.
SIROLaser is an ideal addition to conventional root canal therapy. SIROLaser can support the dentist’s procedure.
Medullary tomy as an auxiliary means of root canal therapy.
In addition, it can be used to form the solidification of gingiva and granulation tissue. SIROLaser is also used for surgical resection, gingivectomy, ulcerative ulceration and surgical resection.
SIROLaser has the two modes of continuous and pulse, providing the maximum therapeutic flexibility. Laser packaging includes operator, assistant and patient’s goggles. Patient information also provides and conveys the benefits of laser treatment for patients.
This is particularly important given that most patients must pay private laser treatment. Laser laser also provides economic benefits for dentists. SIROLaser sets new standards in the field of diode laser dental supplies.