Should Cranberries Be at Your Thanksgiving Table This Year?

Our dentist can’t wait to start their Thanksgiving dinner. Piles of potatoes, turkeys and pies are the lure of the festive spirit, but all sugars, starches and acids can be worn on healthy teeth. It turns out that a secret weapon may be hidden in your holiday feast. Will cranberries get into the new hot spot of dental health tips?
In the foods we eat, sugar promotes the growth of bacteria that produce a substance called glucan. It is the main cause of tooth decay. Our saliva also reacts to the sugar in our food, producing an acid that softens and erodes the enamel of the teeth.
Studies have shown that there are substances in cranberries that damage the formation of plaque and help prevent tooth enamel. A study by researchers Nicholi Vorsa and Michael Koo found that these substances reduce the production of acids and glucose by 70%.
Unfortunately, these substances must be extracted from cranberries to be used. Cranberries themselves are sour, high, and high in sugar, which can counteract the effects of their beneficial substances. To keep your teeth at your best, this Thanksgiving, you need to get some advice on dental health from our professional dental experts.
Rinse your mouth with water after every meal and Thanksgiving snack. Brush twice a day, but wait at least an hour before you brush your teeth. This gives your enamel a chance to harden after contact. To make your smile smile before Thanksgiving, call our cosmetic dentist, make sure to visit the dentist, and check your teeth regularly to keep your teeth healthy.
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