SDI introduces Riva Star silver diamine fluoride desensitizer

New silver diamine fluoride desensitizer from SDI Inc. (Riva Star) has been approved for registration in the United States.
Riva Star’s FDA registration is as a new generation of silver diamine fluoride desensitizer, which immediately relieves tooth sensitivity. SDI Ltd. has successfully registered Riva Star as an anti-caries agent in several Latin American countries including Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

The main components of Riva Star are silver fluoride diamine and potassium iodide. Silver diamine fluoride has known antibacterial properties and can prevent decay in teeth. In combination with potassium iodide, Riva Star has a higher inhibitory effect on four bacterial species than sodium hypochlorite.

Riva Star’s two-step global patent procedure minimizes the risk of black teeth. When a solution of potassium iodide is applied to silver diamine fluoride, a silver iodide precipitate is formed which does not stain the teeth because the use of silver diamine fluoride alone makes the teeth dirty. This patented two-step method brings a beautiful appearance of teeth color to the patient.

Riva Star may be useful for clinicians implementing minimally invasive dentistry because it affects dentin and may contribute to tooth preservation.

Riva Star’s capsule system is color coded and easy to use, saving clinicians and patients time. Compared with the bottle, the capsule system also prevents silver diamine from overflowing, thereby staining the surface black.

Riva Star increases the bonding strength of glass ionomer cements. Pretreatment of tooth surfaces with Riva Star can enhance the binding of glass ionomers to dentin.

Riva Star can go through all major dental distributors.

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