Resolve to Work in Comfort

It is estimated that more than 40% of Americans are making New Year’s resolutions, but only a minority of them can keep these resolutions. If your list of 2016 resolutions feels healthy, you’ll want to check out the new A – dec 500 stool.
Launched in March 2015, the new A-dec 500 stool features the ultimate in dental team comfort. For beginners, the 521 Doctor Stool and the A-dec 522 Assistant Stool are based on a dynamic seat system with three layers of flexible seats and a unique performance area that shapes the body. These performance areas provide you with coordinated support, while you move, lean and work. This is all top cushion foam soft top.

With a comfortable, seat-conforming, undulating backrest supporting the spine for ultimate comfort (this is optional on the physician’s stool’s standard and assistant stools). The stool encourages the buttocks to rise above the knee and lower the backrest to keep your spine healthy. Shape: A posture known as “stance”. Minimizing internal pressure through this neutral spine location can reduce the incidence of disc and disc injuries and reduce the overall burden on the spine as it affects the posture of the entire spine and positively affects the mechanics of the neck, shoulders and back. Weight gain is transferred to the foot, thereby reducing the total pressure on the seating surface. Need to adjust? Four easy-to-handle numbered paddles (all within reach) Encourage custom adjustments to seat tilt, seat height, backrest inclination and backrest height to ensure operator comfort throughout the day – no matter who Sitting on a stool No wonder the American Association of Female Dentists (AAWD) named A-dec 500 as the best new product of the year.

Discover your ultimate comfort at and have a healthy, prosperous 2018 year.

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