Ransomware Attacks: They Could Happen to You

Ransomware is a dangerous cyberattack and attacks are on the rise: “From January to September 2016, the total number of ransomware attacks on businesses has increased by 300% over 2015.” 1 Small and Medium Business (SMB) Dental Practices are often a major goal. More than 50% of SMBs have become victims of ransomware2 and on average spend nearly $ 88,000 to repair the damage and recover data.3 When you consider possible fines, lost revenue, and recovery costs, you can Seeing a false click may turn off a thorough exercise.

What is Ransomware?
Ransomware is malware that can encrypt your data – patient records, financial and accounting information, payroll and inventory – so they can not be accessed. The attacker then asks for payment to get you back your valuable data.

This is easy for hackers. If only one employee clicked the wrong link on a website or email, your approach would be the next victim.

I strongly recommend that you “guarantee” your data by using backup so that the files will be restored to that point before the system becomes infected.
Unfortunately, external experts may be limited in addressing these issues. It depends on the severity and circumstances and on what precautions the office has taken before the attack. I recently helped a dental clinic hit by ransomware. Teleworker employees browse the web and check e-mail while connected to an office server and are infected with the virus. It is also encrypted as the backup drive plugs into the office’s server. Although they have another backup drive, it has not been in use for some time, so the office lost three months of data.

Reduce losses
You need more protection than anti-virus software alone. In 2014, the researchers tracked more than 500 antivirus software evasion techniques out of the most up-to-date, high-level malware.4 I highly recommend using the backup feature to “secure” your data so that it can be restored before the system becomes infected To some point. Over the past 90 days, 75% of TechCentral customers who handle ransomware need to recover from backup.

Stop waiting for a disaster with the TechCentral hybrid backup service and you do not have to worry about losing valuable data in the event of a disaster as we have backed up your backups. TechCentral Hybrid Backup Services avoids the need for backup and restore by using AES 256-bit encryption to automatically and periodically back up data to your on-site storage drives and the cloud. Even if your entire system is infected and you are unable to use backups, you should be able to restore your data to the right place before infection to minimize data loss.

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