Premier Dental launches PremierAir product line

New sanitary and diagnostic instruments are said to combine innovative design and high-quality materials.

Premier Dental has launched a new family of PremierAirTM innovative hygiene and diagnostic instruments for dental professionals. These lightweight, ergonomic instruments are said to combine a sturdy polymer handle with a comfortable non-slip handle. It is reported that less pressure is needed to maintain control, which means that eventually there is a better solution to reduce hand fatigue. It is said that each instrument is set by the major American craftsmen to the highest standards and extensively tested to ensure a long working life.

Julie Charlestein, President and CEO of Premier Premier, said: “Premier is proud to be able to add PremierAir products to the daily dental inspiration solution series. “We work closely with dental hygienists and other dental professionals to create at a very high price. Instrument with excellent design and quality structure, while providing better functionality and reducing hand fatigue. ”

All PremierAir instruments repoteldy have the same ergonomic design with lightweight handles. The details of individual product lines are as follows:

The PremierAir Probex is said to provide the convenience of a probe and detector for an instrument. The probes have easy-to-view black marks that are embedded in the tip, greatly reducing wear. The explorer is said to have excellent tactile sensibility and sharp points for the detection of tooth texture and surface irregularities, which is crucial for the early detection of dental caries, calculus, and restorative border adaptation.
PremierAir reportedly used PremierAir Hygienic Scrapers and curettes with 440A stainless steel tips made using SmartSharp® technology to ensure well-defined, sharp edges. This helps to more easily obtain a glass-like tooth surface, which means less repetitive motion and reduces the user’s muscle fatigue.
PremierAir Explorer has a variety of popular styles to choose from. Like Probex, their design has excellent tactile sensitivity and sharp points that help detect any tooth irregularities quickly and easily.

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