Precise SHP Diode Laser and iPod touch® Pair to Make Care More Effective

We live in the golden age of dental technology. These advances have enabled us to provide more comprehensive and better treatment for our patients.

I’m a true believer in laser technology, but I think many dentists avoid lasers or buy lasers just to get them to collect dust. What if we combine new technological concepts with proven dental techniques? This is accomplished with the new Precision Finish® from the Aviation Fuel Group, which is a diode laser with the Apple SHP Diode Laser System® iPod touch.

I’m a true believer in laser technology, but I think many dentists avoid lasers or buy lasers just to get them to collect dust.

Now we have the ability to access clinical, technical and customer support via FaceTime. The laser system can be easily upgraded with Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth support. iPod touch includes pre-installed video, including training and program demonstrations, providing new laser users with the clinical support they need, and providing experienced users with a place for comparative technology and settings. As new technologies or advanced technologies evolve, they can be easily added to the iPod touch without worrying about outdated or outdated technology.

Lasers with sufficient power, pulsed or continuous; pre-sterilized disposable tips at reasonable cost; wireless foot pedals; easy-to-grip handpieces and laser-assisted whitening or pain treatment with special accessories.

Although these features are very standard for diode laser systems, the uniqueness of this is how the handheld device actually fits into your handheld rack, making it easy to use and ready to use, so it can be incorporated into everyday dental practice. There is also a stand for placing the iPod touch on the phone’s stand, which you can use to operate the laser from the iPod and watch videos or access other support while performing this operation.

Here are some examples:

1. Treating malignant ulcers: Diode lasers are excellent at reducing pain and healing time. The technology is easy: 1.6 watts, pulsed, non-initiated tip, contact for nearly a minute.

Lasers have many applications: remodeling soft tissue; soft tissue crown extension; trough treatment before crown and bridge impressions; all “ectomies” including cataract resection, gingival resection, etc.; implant exposure; endodontic sterilization; and acne Treatment of ulcers. The list continues. Diode lasers can also whiten teeth and provide pain relief for TMJ and jaw muscle problems.

2. Small hemangiomas of lower lip, slightly purplish in color, usually slightly raised. This can be easily treated with a diode laser: 0.8 watts, continuous activation, first treatment in non-contact mode at the lesion for 30 seconds. Then use the laser tip to enter the lesion; slight bleeding may occur. Then remove the outer layer of the lesion and scrape the bed or base of the lesion until bleeding stops.

3. The pairing of this technology with the Precise SHP diode laser system uses laser guesses to reduce fear of the learning curve and create a comfort zone that allows dentists to truly integrate technology into their offices.

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