Planmeca releases new connected dental consoles

Dental equipment manufacturer Planmeca offers solutions to many practical problems: how to help clinicians work more efficiently in the footprint of their existing offices.

Connected technology, efficient environment and clever organization combine to be the answer – Planmeca Evolution Dental Console provides solutions. Our new Evolution Evolution console series includes the Evolution 12 O’clock, Evolution Central Island console, and Evolution side console, all of which can quickly and easily integrate modern technology. Offering Ethernet and USB 3.0 connectivity, PlanScan® (Digital Scanner) integration, CPU storage, LED lighting, and medical grade duplex GFCI outlets, these numbers, up to minutes of enhancement can help clinicians with workflow and information processing. The evolutionary console function is unmatched by standard dental cabinets.

Flexibility, scalability and anti-corrosion measures are all incorporated into the evolution of the game console design. Features requested by clinicians include: LED lighting, durable Corian® working surface, powder-coated steel base, writing arm, X-ray apron, X-ray safety door lock and soft-closed drawer/door, evolution control The desk features are loaded to meet the needs of the contemporary operating environment.

“Today’s modern dental clinics require the integration and flexibility of technological assimilation,” said Tetsuya Shimabuku, product manager at Planmeca. “The dental cabinet has evolved from simple storage to console platforms designed to increase efficiency and allow clinicians to create the best workflow,” Shimabuku added.

Dental supplies are rapidly adopting digital technology. The Planmeca Evolution console is the forefront of modular storage that introduces digital connections to the operating space. The Planmeca Evolution console is designed to meet current “connected” requirements but is scalable and focused on adapting to future technologies.