Planmeca introduces new efficient and cost-effective milling unit

The new milling unit has been developed for dental companies looking for efficient, accurate and cost-effective milling solutions.

The Planmem® 30S is a high-precision, entry-level unit that is said to be the world that guarantees professional entry to CAD/CAM technology. The unit is designed for the manufacture of metal-free dental restorations and appliances on chairs.

“The Planmeca PlanMica 30 S is an important addition to the Planmeca CAD/CAM option. This is a high-speed, single-spindle unit with the latest design. It is cost-effective under the premise of guaranteeing quality, “Planmeca dental care department and CAD/CAM department vice President Jukka Kanerva said.

The milling unit is equipped with a rotary axis for selecting milling blocks and a fixed tool changer for three tools. The unit is designed with seamless integration with the Planmeca intraoral scanner and the Romex card Romexis® software suite.

“Our Planmeca FITTM chairside system provides dentists with a fully integrated and digitized workflow from intraoral scanning to 3D design and efficient chairside milling. Now dentists can make two options – the single slab Planmem 30 S or Two-spindle Planmem® selection between 40M milling units,” Karnerwa said.

Planmeca will be presented with Planme III 30 seconds IDS 2017. It is estimated that shipments will begin in the third quarter of 2017.

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