Planmeca 40th anniversary

Planmeca Oy, a Finnish dental equipment maker, has expanded its operations in Helsinki, Finland.
After completing its 118,000-square-foot annex, the company owns and occupies 475,000 square feet of production and office space. These new facilities are located not far from the headquarters of Planmeca.
Planmeca’s product line – dental care equipment, dental X-ray machines and advanced imaging software – is known for user orientation and functional design, as well as their technology, sanitation and advanced usability. The company has won several product design awards in the international design competition.
Planmeca donated dental supplies
In the past 40 years, Planmeca has grown into one of the major dentistry companies. Innovation comes from close relationships with top universities and leads to advances in dentistry. The company innovates on a solid collaboration with users and understands the details of its workflow and creates several concepts.
New facilities include offices and production facilities. Like its products, the company USES new technology in its production. Advanced processing of the technology, as well as the new powder painting department, will be located in the new building. In addition, the ground warehouse is fully automated, with two robotic forklifts handling logistics.
Heikki Kyostila, President of Planmeca Oy, said: “with new production sites, we can respond more effectively to the increase in demand.”
Planmeca’s subsidiary Planmed, which makes medical imaging devices for mammograms and orthopedic diagnostics, will also move offices and production to new buildings.