Pioneer Lasers brings back two top-selling designs

The Odyssey Navigator and Odyssey 2.4G brands have been renamed Pioneer EliteTM and Pioneer ProTM models.

Pioneer Laser Co., Ltd. announced that it will return two best-selling diode lasers and also provide Q4 sales to the dental industry. Pioneer Laser has been serving the dental industry since 2003 and has sold more than 10,000 units through its dealers under the distinguished Odyssey Navigator and Odyssey 2.4G brand. They are now renamed the Pioneer EliteTM and Pioneer ProTM models.

From November 15th to December 31st, the Pioneer Pro laser is priced at $1,999 and the Pioneer Elite is priced at $2,999. In addition, Pioneer also offers a discount program that accepts any dental diode laser and offers Pioneer Pro $1,7,999 in additional savings and an additional $2,499 in Pioneer Elite discounts. Dentists can have high quality and reliable legal units and expect to receive a year-end tax reduction of $1,350.

“The proven technology, engineering and manufacturing behind the Pioneer Series make these diode lasers the preferred choice for quality, reliability and everyday low-cost use,” said Melissa Flygare, Director of Sales. “Aside from the point of view of product features, this name will not change, which is a good opportunity for dentists to have a high quality product at the lowest price.”

“I have worked with the Pioneer Laser team for many years,” said Dr. John Graeber, DMD founder and director of the Laser Dentistry College. “They are indeed behind-the-scenes innovators for modern diode lasers. The opportunity to own this laser system at a low cost should eliminate any obstacles for dentists who are considering joining laser dentistry in their practice.”

Amber Riley, RDH, MS, a noted dental educator and author and CEO of DeCo Education and Consulting, has used the same Odyssey model as Pioneer Pro for more than five years. She said: “This type of diode laser is the mainstay of my health schedule.” “We use it as a routine tool for laser-assisted periodontal treatment and reduction of tooth allergies. Our dentists performed a variety of procedures, including crown preparation. The cost of each patient is very low. I never hesitate to use hygienic treatment, and I rarely charge my patients. I think that laser periodontal treatment is a 21st century oral hygiene practice. One of the standards. ”

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