Orthodontic Treatment So Useful

Braces are something that most kids dread being attached to their teeth. Today, there are several Orthodontic treatments that can spare the metal, but still give you the desired results of a straighter, more beautiful smile. Metal braces are still a popular form of straightening teeth, but these days it’s not your only option (Much to the relief of many children and adults).

Traditional metal braces have to be worn, sometimes, up to three years or longer. This might be a feasible option for younger children, but many adults just don’t want to wait that long to improve the look of their smile. Today, it’s possible to use invisible braces or porcelain veneers.

Invisible braces are not really braces at all. There are no parts that are fixed to the teeth and no wires. You don’t have to go to the dentist to have them adjusted. All you have to do is change your custom made fittings every couple of weeks. You can do this very easily all by yourself.

Porcelain veneers are very beneficial to people with cracked, chipped or severely crooked teeth. Veneers are probably the quickest way to get you the perfect smile of your dreams. They are made out of a ceramic that closely resembles that of real tooth enamel. The dentist or orthodontist will shape this material into something uniquely designed for your teeth and after all the other necessary steps have been completed he will bond them to your natural teeth by using dental cement.

Before finalizing any of the treatment procedure to be used, careful evaluation of the dental irregularity is necessitated. Orthodontists carefully examine the structure of the jaws, face, and teeth before finally prescribing any orthodontic procedures fitted for the patient. This can be accomplished through the use of photographs, dental curing light, and bite impressions. Depending on the result of the evaluation, they can recommend the use of ceramic braces, metal braces, or Invisalign braces.

Finding the Right Braces for You

For children, traditional metal braces are the ones usually recommended since these are tough and also cheap in cost. Clear ceramic braces or the tooth-coloured braces are translucent, stain-resistant, and very smooth. The Invisalign invisible braces are usually preferred by teens and adults. The Invisalign aligners made of clear plastic are designed specially by utilizing advanced technology of 3D imaging and dental lab equipment. In order to hasten the teeth straightening, the patient has to patiently wear one set of aligners in two weeks after which is the replacement of another fresh set. Patients can drink and eat as well as floss and brush their teeth normally; hence these Invisalign braces can improve oral hygiene. Because these braces are virtually invisible, the treatment can be completed without other people noticing them.