NSK Dental achieves ISO 13485 certification for distribution and repair services

Dental equipment manufacturer NSK Dental LLC has announced that it has received ISO 13485 certification for its North American distribution and repair services. This certificate applies specifically to medical device manufacturers.
“Many companies think of quality only in the context of the products they manufacture, but at NSK, we realize that our customers also need us to provide exceptional quality in how we deliver our products to them,” said Rob Gochoel, the director of sales and marketing for NSK Dental. “And when [an] NSK product needs service attention, our customers need to know they can count on our ability to restore it to excellent working condition on a timely basis.”
According to Jeremy King, NSK’s quality assurance manager, this latest ISO certification reflects the company’s unwavering customer focus. “Every member of the NSK dental team took part in the certification process,” he said. “Our success is a result of the total commitment to world-class customer service and quality repair support demonstrated by every employee of NSK, from our junior associates to the most senior executive.”
Terry Cluff, the head of global med tech marketing at BSI, commented: “Gaining certification to ISO 13485 is a credit to everyone at NSK and clearly demonstrates their ongoing commitment to providing a high level of customer service and quality repair support. The team should be proud of the hard work that has gone into implementing a system that enables them to put customers first.”
NSK Dental supplies are distributed in the United States by a network comprised of 10 respected dealers: Atlanta Dental, Benco Dental, Burkhart Dental, Dental Health Products, Goetze Dental, Henry Schein Dental, Midwest Dental, Nashville Dental, Patterson Dental, and Pearson Dental.