Mydent International releases new DEFEND Carbide and Diamond Bur catalog

Mydent International has released the DEFEND Carbide and Diamond Bur catalog for 2017-2018 and now includes Surgical Burs.

The latest product catalog includes the complete range of Mydent’s award winning DEFEND Burs. There are product features / benefits, usage / maintenance, detailed specifications and handy cross-reference charts.

According to reports, DEFEND carbide wheels made of austenitic carbide, with fast, smooth vibration-free performance, reducing patient discomfort and operation time. It is said that these fibers exceed international standards and are 100% detected by infrared technology.

It is well known that diamond bits are difficult to clean and disinfect effectively. As a result, the FDA warned that diamond bits should be considered multi-purpose if the manufacturer had a 510K reprocessing. In addition, the CDC warned: “Cleaning and heat disinfection can lead to deteriorating cut surfaces and increase the likelihood of rupture during treatment.” With that in mind, why spend five to ten times as many “multipurpose” diamonds ? The DEFEND disposable diamond drill is of high quality and costs approximately $ 1 and meets all FDA and CDC recommendations. German diamonds are made using German electroplating technology. Turbines require the least amount of pressure and these gears are designed to provide maximum accuracy and minimal vibration.

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