My First 100 Days With TRIOS

Most new technology owners start by scrutinizing their new equipment. The first 100 days is the perfect time to judge a complex product because you are still in the learning stage, but it is long enough to form a good idea of ​​functionality, usability and results. 100 days of users provide valuable insights.

Dr. Wendy O’Colllack is a Goldsmith, Gabr and Saramah, a prosthodontist practicing in Atlanta, Georgia, and a 100 TRIOS user. Dr. Clarke uses the 3Shape TRIOS with excitement because she has used other digital imaging scanners in the past and is eager to learn how TRIOS will compare.

3Shape TRIOS solutions, how to get started?
Setting and training are easy. System specialists are set up via our network and connections to our lab. The next day is training. We use the TRIOS interface: open it, add users, check the case, and try the scanning method. Trainer in a month to follow up, perfect work.

How do you use TRIOS?
I have experience using other scanners, but using TRIOS has been refreshing. I thank the scan is continuous, I click a button to start scanning, which makes it fast. I also like the color of the scan is very natural, the tip is heated, because I do not need to blow as much air into the patient’s mouth – this is crucial when it comes to the patient’s sensitivity. I have a patient who feels the traditional impression because of his unresponsiveness. However, under TRIOS I can stop to relax the patient and start scanning again when ready.

“I have experience using other scanners, but using TRIOS has been refreshing. I understand that scanning is continuous, I click a button to start scanning …”
Has your doctor-patient experience changed since using TRIOS?
The patient is very impressed with this and thanks for putting the new technology to work. They also like to see the image from the scan. Finally, I will also use the TRIOS solution with my iPad for patient education.

Did you improve communication with your lab?
I better keep in touch with the lab, track cases faster, and reduce the overall duration of treatment. I have problems reading the boundary line and I can get in touch with my lab. I easily reset the boundary line and the crown came back in perfect form. My previous scanner did not have this option.

What is the use of TRIOS for most of the time?
Originally, I mainly used it to include the crown of the screw. But now I am primarily doing implants (compacted abutments). Ability to scan using the same workflow for seamless transitions to implanted cases.

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