Air technology, Mojave, the dry vacuum system MELVILLE, New York – air technology, a dental equipment manufacturer, announced a new dry vacuum system, Mojave.
Mojave is scheduled to make its debut at the 2012 Chicago mid-term meeting, and on February 23 solstice25 in the air technology booth (1631).
“We’re very excited to launch the next generation of the Air technology’s dry vacuum system, the Mojave,” said Lou Guellnitz, director of Air technology for north American sales.
Air technology, a market leader for air and vac devices, has been combining engineering technology for years to make Mojave. This state-of-the-art system provides dentists with the advantages and characteristics of any comparable system available today.
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Mojave can be used in both standard models V3 and V5, which can help eliminate downtime by redundancy. Mojave is compact, energy-efficient, and saves the dental clinic’s utility costs because it does not require oil or water to create a vacuum and maintain high flow rates.
The heart of Mojave is a single-stage regenerative pump controlled by frequency conversion. In addition to maintaining high velocity, the technology also allows the pump to accelerate or slow down to meet the vacuum requirements of any dental office.
Mojave offers more than 25 new benefits and functions for dentists.
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