Many companies offer compact dental hygienist models

And larger desktop units and dental units with built-in modules. The new huo – friedy symmetric IQ scaler and Brasseler NSK Varios 350 provide a compact unit characterized by a dental handpiece with optical fiber optic light. ACTEON satUNK provides a fiber-optic hand chip on its larger Suprasson p-max Lux model.
Hu-Friedy manufacturing co. LTD
Hul-friedy has just introduced a new type of piezoelectric scalar, called a symmetric IQ 3000 multifunctional piezoelectric device. This multi-purpose symmetric IQ is designed to scale, restore programs, and pulp programs. It has an ergonomically engineered head 360 and the optical fiber optic light is concentrated in the working area. It comes with a series of piezoelectric techniques, including the Tip of the big heavy, thin perio tips, curet tips, and thin diamond coating techniques, color coding by the guardian wrench/Tip carrier system protection. In addition, the new unit offers a number of unique features for clinicians, including trackpad control and three digital tunables, preset color-coded power modes.
Vista dental
Vista dentistry is one of the principal piezoelectric scalar manufacturers in the United States. The company produces compact and desktop models, including irrigation bags and tips under the gum. They make a variety of piezoelectric tips for the expansion and innovation of periodontal.
Vista dental creates innovative Harrel diamond safety tips. This trick can remove very heavy calculus, which has a unique diamond embedded in the tip design to protect the root surface from damage while effectively cutting tough sediment.
The goddess is a French company that makes Satelec Suprasson 5 Newtron and the new 5 Newtron XS for the independent irrigation reservoir 300ml. The larger desktop model, the Suprasson p-max Newtron, includes an LED lamp on the head and the p-max lux fiber light at the head.
ACTEON offers on the market a wide range of ultrasonic, and offers a wide range of skills, including a large number of expansion technique, the thin perio tips, diamond tips, curet tips, as well as plastic carbon compound planting techniques. All of these techniques are protected by a patented satUNK Color coding system, the system’s plastic tip holder/wrench, suitable for an autoclavable box with ergonomically designed hand pens.
Brasser’s precision
Brasseler NSK offers 350 compact multifunctional scalars, which are the smallest and most compact piezoelectric units. It is made in Japan and has a ergonomic feel and fiber optic light.
Brasseler offers a wide range of techniques, including a lot of scaling techniques, thin perio tips,diamond tips,curet tips, and planting techniques. One of the three options can be selected, corresponding to the type of tips: G (general), E (Endo), or P(Perio) mode. Brasseler NSK also produced a larger 5550 and 750 desktop models.
EMS in nyon, Switzerland, on the basis of manufacturing main Piezon 600, MiniMaster, MiniPiezon ® multifunctional piezoelectric element model and all kinds of high quality Swiss precision techniques. These units can perform ratios, periodontal, dental pulp, and recovery functions. A full tip, the exquisite perio tips,diamond perio surgical technique, and the implant prompt have an autoclavable box, each of which is protected by the guardian’s wrench system.
The character of master piezon 600 is that two ultrasonic hands can be connected at the same time to facilitate treatment and require different techniques. The model has two large refillable bottles, and MiniPiezon is one of the most compact ultrasonic dental supplies, but it is as powerful as the larger EMS.
Pro – Dentec
ProSelect 3 piezoelectric scaler manufacturer Batesville’s pro-dentec company has been selling the device for years and has a set of three periodontal contractions. One trick is a straight general technique, and the other two are bent. The unit also has three bottles that allow different irrigation agents to be used before and after scaling.
Although parke is known for its magnetostrictive devices and magnetostrictive intubations, manufacturers have also produced a low-cost piezoelectric electric heater, known as a turbine turbine. The device has three tipa – a large tip, used for a large number of calculi removal, and two thinner periodontal bags. It has a foot pedal turbocharge and an extended low-power range of comfort and a higher power range of calculus removal.