LeEject 2 Syringe and Needle system receives FDA clearance

The system is said to allow the needle to be handled without retightening.

LeEject 2 syringes and needle systems have been approved by the FDA for sale in the United States. It is reported that this unique system, protected by a U.S. patent, differs from traditional dental syringes and needle systems in that it allows loading of the needle from the side entry and discarding the needle without having to be capped and unscrewed again.

Insert the needle from the side and turn the plastic sheath clockwise. The handling of anesthetic cartridges is the same as with traditional dental syringes and needle systems. It is said that removing the needle is very simple, eliminating the potential risk of reloading and loosening contaminated needles by rotating the guard anticlockwise and turning the syringe over the sharps container and dropping the needle into it.

Currently, OSHA prohibits replacement or removal of contaminated needles and other contaminated sharps unless the employer can demonstrate that no other option is available. Due to the lack of alternatives on the market, the need to re-close or clear the needle must be accomplished using mechanical devices or one-handed techniques.

According to reports, LeEject 2 system is safe, simple and economical. DDS Alexander Lee has overseen the FDA application process for the past six years and hopes to focus on marketing dental schools, health programs and stations by providing them with a cost-reducing system because acne is more likely to be experienced by inexperienced operators hurt.

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