Lares Research introduces ProStyle E electric handpiece system

LARES research has introduced a new type of electric handle system designed to provide power, precision and sound quality while minimizing hand fatigue: ProStyle E electric handset system.
The ProStyle E electric handset system includes an autoclavable motor, a motor control box, a 1:5 high-speed fiber optic reversal angle, a 1:1 low-speed fiber optic reversal angle, and a 1:1 linear connection.
The Lares ProStyle E electric handset system is designed to reduce the weight and size of motors and accessories. By shortening the mini-relief and motors by 40% and reducing weight by 33%, Lares moves the balance point forward to maximize comfort and control. ProStyle E does not require installation and can be easily transported in the operating room.
Kavo Introduces Kavo OP 3D Imaging System
The KAVO IMAGING solution introduces the KAVO OP 3D, a new entry-level 3D imaging system. Kavo OP 3D complements the current Kavo extraoral product line, Kavo OP 2D and Kavo OP 3D Pro.
The OP 3D is designed to meet a wide range of dental imaging needs. This is a complete X-ray platform that can make imaging workflows more efficient with easy-to-use programs. From general dentists to maxillofacial surgeons and airway specialists, this system provides versatile programs for panoramic and three-dimensional imaging. In addition, OP 3D enables clinicians to optimize patient dosage by selecting regions of interest, image resolution, and field of view.
Kavo OP 3D is a sustainable green solution. Where leads are commonly used for tube head radiation shielding, the Kavo OP 3D uses a more ecological and environmentally friendly alternative that provides considerable radiation attenuation. The system’s energy-saving features can also reduce the overall energy consumption in practice.
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