Kulzer launches Ivory ReLeaf

The ivory ReLeaf is designed for use in dry areas during various dental and hygienic procedures.

Kulzer introduced a time-saving, durable high-capacity Ivory ReLeaf hands-free HVE suction device.

Ivory ReLeaf is designed to assist in the evacuation and repatriation and to maintain a dry place during various dental and hygienic procedures. Unlike saliva ejectors, ivory ReLeaf is a hands-free inhaler and high-capacity inhaler. It is reported that it can work in all four quadrants, and ergonomic comfort and full oral view do not need to move. According to reports, this can save up to 15 minutes per patient, which can add hundreds of dollars in production during the day.

“The ingenious aspect of the ivory ReLeaf design is that its disposable leaves are supported with cheeks and vestibular areas rather than relying on the shape of the dental arch or the direction of the teeth,” said Lesley Melvin, director of marketing and product management at Kulzer. . “This will provide 280 degrees of suction around the leaves so that time-saving, continuous pumping can be achieved throughout the mouth.”

Ivory ReLeaf is said to be able to easily connect to existing dental vacuum systems in less than 60 seconds, further improving the efficiency of practice.

Kulzer Ivory ReLeaf Ivory ReLeaf is reported to be particularly patient. The patient is said to be less likely to feel claustrophobia because the device does not block the airway, and because ivory ReLeaf did not reach the soft tray, it is reported that blocked reflexes are rarely a problem. In addition, its universal mouthpiece or “leaf” is made of a custom blend of latex and BPA-free polymer, which is both soft and comfortable. And because ivory ReLeaf allows patients to move their heads up and down, they can communicate with clinicians in both directions during treatment.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when the patient closes his lips around a small volume saliva ejector, reflux occurs when the patient’s oral cavity pressure is lower than the ejector. Melvin said: “This reflow may include the waste of previous patients, biofilms in the pipeline, and chemicals flushing the production line, which cannot be achieved in Ivory ReLeaf.”

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