Komet USA debuts DISCtance IPR System

The system is designed to help dentists more effectively and accurately reduce enamel loss in adult patients.

Komet USA announces an advanced stripping system to help dentists more easily, more effectively and accurately lower enamel levels in adult patients, prepare braces for immobilization on buccal or lingual teeth, or treat with dental appliances prior to.

The DISCtance ™ IPR System (Kit 4671) is designed to simplify and speed up skinning tasks to correct mandibular tooth size disproportionately to the maxilla to eliminate crowding and create full-face contact (especially at the lower anterior) to improve orthodontic treatment After the conclusion of the stability, Komet USA said.

The benefits of using the DISCtance ™ intellectual property system have reportedly been that there may be greater precision in reducing interdental enamel. The company added that the higher accuracy potential is due in part to the unique diamond coating on the peel disc included in each kit.

Discs come in a variety of sizes: 0.15mm, 0.20mm and 0.30mm. The company explained that using a gradually thicker disc on a patient makes it easier to remove the exact enamel.

0.15 mm discs come in three different coating configurations. The United States Komet company said its model RS15FV.HP.200 coated on its upper side, while RS15FH.HP.200 is coated on its underside; RS15F.HP.200 coated on both sides.

Komet Inc. of the United States said its 0.20 mm RS20M.HP.200 and 0.30 mm RS30M.HP.200 discs are also coated on both sides.

Ultrasonic Scaler or dental equipment for more information.