Is Your Dental Laser Gathering Dust?

Or do you completely avoid buying lasers? Regardless of your booking status, using a diode laser can help you provide better treatment for your patients.

With a click of a button, you can access the clinical, technical and customer support of your laser system? The CAO team has combined new concepts in dental technology with proven concepts to combine its solid Precise® SHP diode laser system with the Apple® iPod Touch. With the iPod Touch, you can easily access resources that support training and demo videos, and you can easily upgrade your system.

Imagine being able to operate a laser from an iPod and watch a video or other support during the operation!

In the DDS Michael Koceja article called Precise SHP Diode Laser and iPod Touch Pair to make it more efficient, Dr. Koceja gave many examples of lasers and applications such as soft tissue repair; soft tissue crown extension; performed before crown and bridge impressions Trough treatment; and all “ectomies”, including cataract resection, gingival resection, etc.

We all know this sentence: “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Well, Dr. Gary Kane admitted that change is not easy, but the fundamental change is not to solve those problems that do not work, but to Raise and improve it.

This is what he can do with the E4D dental system in the CAD / CAM dental field. Many years ago, his first CAD/CAM system had its limitations. He still believes his goal is to provide a single repair and the most advanced treatment. He purchased the E4D dentist system in 2009.

One Practice’s Digital Dentistry Success Story: Integrated CAD/CAM In this article, Dr. Kaye discusses the whole of his example with his team to enhance his practice and CAD/CAM dentistry to help his patients (finished pictutes!) process.

Ultrasonic Scaler or dental equipment for more information.