Integrating the DEXcam 4 HD into your practice

The design of the intraoral camera produces a clear and focused image.

The DEXcam (TM) 4 HD oral endoscopes are designed to help clinicians create and maintain a clear history of the patient’s oral health over time, improving or reducing their dental and medical goals. The design of an intraoral camera that displays clear and focused images in real time is crucial to diagnosing and fully documenting the patient’s overall oral health.

High-definition, highly detailed pictures stay clear even when magnified and help to increase patient understanding of clinical findings and support for treatment recommendations. By providing formatting options that can be sent directly from each patient record, DEXIS can easily share images with colleagues.

Durable: The design of the DEXcam 4 HD feels solid and balanced in the hands of clinicians. Anodized aluminum housing with high quality, professional and beautiful, and increased the degree of durability.

Accurate: The latest advanced 1.3-megapixel CMOS sensor provides high-resolution images. The precision 7-piece glass optical lens is designed to produce excellent image quality and help prevent image distortion.

Flexible: Shooting buttons are located on either side of the camera to accommodate right and left hands. These buttons are very responsive and easy to trigger.

Portable: The USB connection makes the DEXcam 4 HD a highly portable, plug-and-play camera. Reliable, industrial grade connectors provide quick disconnect / reconnect capability.

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