Ids introduces Traus Surgical Implant Motors

The IDS (Integrated Dental System) introduces the Traus® Surgical Implant Motor. The new and innovative Traus Fibre/ Piezo SUS10 dual unit combines ultrasonic and rotary technology specifically designed for dental implants and piezoelectric surgery. According to reports, compact devices provide strong and stable output through fiber-optic motors and handpieces.

According to reports, the Traus SUS10 dual surgical implant motor is a must-have for anybody. In addition to the dual units, IDS also introduced the Traus® fiber optic implant motor and the head phandpiece SIP10. This powerful device includes a 40,000 RPM motor, fiber handle, irrigation assembly and foot pedal controller. The Traus motor design has a built-in auto-calibration feature that ensures continuous torque values. Both Traus models are said to combine power with easy-to-operate controls and introduce them at amazingly introductory prices. The Traus Implant Motor is backed by a 1-year full warranty.

Ids offers a whole range of innovative dental alternatives designed to help dentists and patients achieve better results. All products are designed to provide faster, more efficient procedures, less seat time and lower prices to increase profitability.

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