Ids introduces innovative line of surgical instruments

ids (Integrated Dental Systems) introduces a range of exciting and innovative surgical instruments. They are all said to be made of German stainless steel, providing precision, performance and durability not possible with any other instrument. INOX has been dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality dental instruments for over 40 years and IDS proudly announces exclusive partnership. The family INOX instruments include FRINGS ® (with spring forceps), curette, crown removal pliers and periotomes.

It is reported that FRINGS is the only tweezers in the world that offers a spring-driven “self-retracting” design so that your fingers no longer need to open the tweezers. Dual color titanium and ergonomically designed grip provide ideal handling in any clinical setting. FRINGS comes in eight different beak designs, made of German stainless steel, and offers a lifetime warranty.

ids provides a complete suite of innovative dental alternatives that help to achieve better results for dentists and patients. All of these products are designed to provide faster and more efficient processes, reducing chair time and lower prices for profitability.

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