IDS 2017: 3Shape shows off new wireless TRIOS scanner and more

Unpacking the latest product from Danish Imaging Company.

3Shape held a lively show at IDS this year, demonstrating how excited participants are seeing their innovative activities.

Attractive special innovations include the TRIOS 3 wireless mouth scanner, a more flexible original version, and the X1 Quad CBCT scanner. They also introduced Implant Studio, Smile Design, TRIOS Design Studio and TRIOS patient-specific upgrades.

Before the Cologne International Dental Exhibition in 2017, 3Shape ridiculed TRIOS for “significant progress” and they did not lie. Now that TRIOS 3 is wireless, clinicians can move freely with more flexibility in their operations. TRIOS intra-oral scanning is no longer connected to the computer (it is connected to the software via Wi-Fi). The TRIOS 3 Wireless is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery that can be easily switched for continuous scanning. Like the original version, TRIOS 3 Wireless can also be used as a remote control to provide a seamless transition from patient to screen through a single tool.

“3Shape product expert Olga Zubatenko commented:” This is a great patient experience because the previous scans have never been easier or faster. Full scan, including occlusion, can be completed in less than one minute to help improve your training productivity.

We experienced TRIOS 3 wireless and X1 directly in the showroom. Take a look at our video and see if they are in action.

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3Shape TRIOS Design Studio provides the tools needed to provide dental services of the day. Combined with the TRIOS 3 wireless intraoral scanner, dentists can design and polish restorations in minutes.

The 3Shape X1 4 in 1 CBCT scanner offers CBCT, panoramic, cephalometric and facial scans. It uses motion compensation technology to provide clear and precise imaging, promising a more comfortable patient experience and more accurate images.

TRIOS Patient Monitoring will also be launched and will be available soon, which will allow clinicians to easily compare intraoral scans over time. The software will track and quantify gingival recession, bruxism and tooth movement and highlight changes that may require attention. According to the press release, the tool will be provided as part of the TRIOS workflow in the upcoming upgrade.

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